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Allow hotspot links to link to external URLs

Hotspot links only allow you to link to pages within Moqups. My website will include interactive data visualisation that I can represent with a static image but for stakeholder engagement it would be great to let the click and link through to a demonstration of the interactive visualisation on an external web page.

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Matthew shared this idea  · 


  • AdminMoqups Support (Moqups Support, Moqups) commented  · 

    Hi Matthew,

    This feature is already available in the new version of Moqups (app.moqups.com). If you go to ”Interactivity” in the right hand menu --> Go to URL you should be able to link your interactive visualisation.

    If you're working in the old Moqups you can migrate your projects by going to beta.Moqups.com --> open project list --> click on the project title --> you'll be asked if you want to migrate your project.

    Write us to support@moqups.com is anything else comes up!

    Here to help,
    Krisztina from Moqups

  • Antonin commented  · 

    Absolutely agree!

  • MaryMary commented  · 

    Yes, agree!

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