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tree order in interface

I haven't created a replication case for this yet because I'm busy cranking away on a project, but I've noticed a kinda frustrating issue.

The "pages" tree at the left sometimes doesn't align with what seems to be a separate (and not equal!) internal structure that moqups keeps somewhere else.

The symptoms of this bug mean:

1) Using the down arrow through the tree causes unexpected jumping around / skipping of tree branches

2) When adding a hotspot and deciding where to link - the hierarchy in the select menu looks completely different from the hierarchy at the left.

I fixed this problem by dragging/dropping branches from the "pages" tree to force things back into place, but there was a fair amount of trial and error to get it to sync up properly.

In any case, it seems that the hierarchy is being stored in two different places and they're getting out of sync.

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