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master format as objects instead of a page

I'm an interaction designer of desktop software.

I use moqups, the excellent mock-up tool when I make UI layout.

As for desktop software, many screen layers can be displayed at once.

However, a page can have a master now in moqups because master format is page.

What about changing the format as objects or hierarchy master pages?

That would make easy modification when I should draw mock-up of multi-layers.

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Hwajin Jo shared this idea  · 


  • psteinweberpsteinweber commented  · 

    Agree. Obviously needed. Otherwise it's not possible to have a "master footer" when working with different page lengths.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes. A master "object" would be nice.

  • tgoguillot commented  · 

    I agree. I think the same result can be obtained if you can have multiple masters on a page, not only one.
    Example for me : main navigation is a Master, and main content layout is a Master, but I cannot use both in the same page. It's annoying, cause I'm obliged to merge one with the page to see toe full picture.

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