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Add a tool to manage header and footer.

Add a tool to manage header and footer. In fact the areas are always the same in a website and if you have to proceed a modifiation in it, you have to copy/past the new header/footer on each page... It is very long and not convinent.
Just create a header/footer box which updates automatically when you proceed a modification on it.

Congratulation ! great tool !

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Hi guys,

Here’s how this stands currently on the new Moqups Beta (available at https://app.moqups.com ):

- you can use Master pages to define common areas like header and footer, and any change to the master page will reflect on all the pages it’s applied to
- you can use the new Templates feature to save your header and footer as templates — that way it’s easy to drag them to each page from the Templates pane.

I’m marking this as Planned since we’re looking to introduce Symbols, which are a bit like Masters and a bit like Templates: they’re reusable objects in your design that when you update something in an instance, the change reflects to all other instances.

Dan from Moqups


  • Jorge commented  · 

    You can use Master Pages for this.
    Another approach will be to make them a stencil and be able to edit it, updating all instances of that stencil (I don't know if you can already do that)

  • Sam Jones commented  · 

    Yup, this would make it much easier when saying "please turn to page 7" on a paper handout...

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