1. Fit size to content for text stencils

    Please add an easy option to resize and keep the size of the stencils big enough (and small enough) to accommodate its text. It will make all Arrange tools much more useful.

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  2. Make it easier to navigate between pages

    I found that often times I need to navigate between a couple of related pages to look for how something was done previously or copy some bits. While normally I have stencils tab opened I'm forced to switch to pages tab and then back again.

    My suggestion is to add shortcuts for recent (or even better pinned) pages to app's top bar, there is a plenty of room available. Approach similar to one manages open files.

    5 votes
  3. Bug for the export


    The system encountered the following error "Unable to export project. Please try again or contact us if the issue persists. Procedure was as follows:
    1. "Project Migration."
    2. Then amended the draft
    3. Click the "Export project"
    4. error

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  4. 123232


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  5. Move hotspot to stencils tab

    Hotspot is a stencil, it behaves as one, looks as stencil and user can manipulate (add, remove, resize) it as stencil, nevertheless is is located somewhere else.

    1 vote
  6. Beta Request: Add folder in page area.

    In a large project like mine, I have to create a folder to hold related pages. Today in Beta, I create a new page and just put a label on it to note it is a folder. It would be helpful to be able to add a folder next to the add a page button.

    6 votes
  7. Make the grid/tables more extensible

    Was adding/editing a grid but it has minimal editing capabilities as far as the actual cell/column/row sizing as well as adding content/ I needed to add multi line text(with carriage returns) but it can only support 1 line of text that only forms a new line on wrap, and since the columns can't be individually re-sized, you can force the wrap in that way either.
    In order to accomplish this I needed to add semi transparent boxes to mimic a selection followed by a text box to support multi line text.
    Otherwise, great app! will more than likely continue…

    7 votes
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  8. Paper grid would be a lot more useful with custom opacity

    They are "very visible" now. With transparency, you'd get soft lines, and a cool "dot-matrix" effect at the intersections.

    4 votes
  9. wonderful

    Your application is great! Thanks

    1 vote
  10. More open source icons :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the new icons. Here is another library which you might consider adding. The icon you already added has been the greatest time saver of my project so far !

    Open Iconic

    6 votes
  11. Export to Developer Document Feature

    It would be great to be able to export not just the images but the specifications such as placement location, colors, link url's, and all other meta-data set on the page for each component on the page to Word. Then we could use this in requirements documents which get sent to outsourced development firms. I would be willing to pay a premium for this feature.

    4 votes
  12. Terrible Pricing

    So I set up a free account to test out. Spent time mocking up a couple of pages and find out there is no way to save them out unless I spend $100 to upgrade. Wish I would have know sooner I'd have to spend so much to actually be able to use your product.

    4 votes
  13. Fix an issue with the context menu

    When I copied a set of elements from one page to paste to a different page, the paste option in the context menu was unavailable. However, I was able to paste the copied pieces still using Ctrl-V.

    Y'all have done great with this so far. Keep it up!

    1 vote
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  14. Vertical line should be a separate object

    You have removed the vertical line from standard stencils - okay, I see, I can draw a vertical line rotating a horizontal by 90 degrees, but then width becomes height and vice versa.

    1 vote
  15. 1 vote
  16. False resolution in preview mode in Full HD (1920x1080)

    I am using a Lennovo laptop in Full HD (1920x1080).
    When I launch new mockups in preview, the zoom in 100% doesn’t represent the true size of the wireframe.

    After verifying the pixel, the true dimension of wireframe is only presented in preview mode when the zoom is set in 66.77%

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  17. Changing the color is not taken into consideration

    Hi, I am currently using the new Moqups and have encountered the following case :

    - changing the color of an object is not usually taken into consideration by the system. I often have to do it twice to have it done.

    Thanks for debugging it

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  18. Set page size to the size of the master when setting a master

    In the Beta version, when I create a page and set the Master for it, the page size doesn't change to the size of the master. I have to manually set the size for each new page. This is preventing me from using the Beta for my current project.

    2 votes
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  19. Need more interaction design elements

    Hello, How can I get more stencils - particularly arrows to use in combo with the Note box so I can leave comments on specific interface items? And basic mouse pointer arrow as well. Needs more interaction design elements.

    2 votes
  20. Search bar gets behind the url Firefox displays at the bottom left side of the page when hovering over a hyperlink

    Running latest Firefox.
    When hovering over a link (let's say FAQ, at the bottom right side of the page) Firefox displays the url at the bottom left corner of the screen. Right on top of your search bar for stencils.
    It's a minor annoyance. You could move that search textbox at the top, or maybe just a few pixels up so you leave room for the url tooltip.

    1 vote


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