1. Catch some bug

    When I need to edit an item at the bottom of the page an object dropdown menu opens under the browser bottom border.

    1 vote
  2. Pixels

    It would be great if you could arrange so that I can see the pixels on the top and the right of the working area, so that I can count pixels of the different things I use.

    1 vote
  3. 3 votes
  4. layuot the tools

    The tools bar is not comfortable for me . I must scroll any time. Maybe gorizontal layout about work space - will be better. If I will can browse among all tools.

    1 vote
  5. display a permalink to the previews created.

    It would be nice if the preview generated has its own permalink, so that it can be shared with clients, stakeholders, etc. They don't require the ability to edit/ modify

    3 votes
  6. Quicker access to pages

    I like to have the option to have pages visible all time.

    1 vote
  7. Snapping headings

    At the moment a heading will snap to the top left of its bounding box.
    More useful might be snapping it to it's baseline, although I understand that would be more complex.

    1 vote
  8. Remember last opened project

    It would be nice if system remeber last project I worked and redirect me to it after sign in.

    1 vote
  9. Any other component skins than iOS?

    Almost all components are for iOS. How about Android?
    How about desktops? (Windows/Mac)

    80 votes
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  10. Wrong Icon


    First of all this is a great tool. Thank you all.

    One of my friends found a little mistake like this:
    TopLeft icon was wrong:


    1 vote
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  11. sank you!

    the best in free!!!

    1 vote
  12. Excellent

    Great job, guys. We've used Balsamiq in the past, but you guys gonna give them a good run for their money.

    1 vote
  13. Mac App

    Would love to have moqups wrapped in a native Mac app. Doesn't need to be fancy, but for tools I use every day, I like to wrap them in Fluid, but a more custom solution would work better.

    13 votes
  14. Link - always visible

    I love the experience so far. Great beta site... may i suggest the 'link' functionality be visible always (or give option to show always? This way it is one step less for me (users) to manipulate this assignment.

    Also, allowing linking on multiple objects and/or groups would be powerful (vs. having to go through and assign individually)

    Fully understand this may be on te roadmap already, but passing along the recommendations.

    Thanks much, have a fine day - N

    11 votes
  15. Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    Mockup templates would be very useful and helpful to have. This way I can start rapidly a mockup

    90 votes
  16. Export to Basecamp

    Would love to be able to create a new Basecamp message from a wireframe.

    6 votes
  17. Realistic style objects

    It could be very handy to have 2 sets of objects:
    * the one provided which is cool for some clients
    * another one more realistic looking

    In my experience this 2 sets are sufficient.

    1 vote
  18. Diagonal Line Draw

    This might be related to "Pen Tool"

    20 votes
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  19. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    No need to reply - I just wanted to say what a job well done! I know it's still in the beta phase, but what an impressive build!


    18 votes
  20. Automatic Visual SiteMap creation

    It would be pretty amazing to be able to create pages and have a sitemap be generated in the project view.

    17 votes


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