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  2. Functional mockup with SQLite db support

    Link db actions to some stencils. This would allow people to do some basic db manipulations and thus you could create functional mockups. When you have this, the step to an "app" generator is not so big anymore. If you do this on HTML5 like the rest of the app, those apps could run on many browsers, many OS's . You could even add LUA support to this ... This already exists off line today. Bring it online.

    Even the sky is no limit.

    6 votes
  3. ... to become very succesful!

    Wonderful tool. Works very efficiently. Compares to nothing else I know.
    Should have had this a year ago...

    2 votes
  4. Trim canvas

    Trim canvas to fit the current stencils on the page (similar to the one in Photoshop).

    1 vote
  5. Add an indicator for the "fold"

    It would be useful to be able to select the resolution that you would be designing for, and then have moqups indicate on the layout where the "fold" would be. IE: The line, beyond which the page would be scrolling.

    1 vote
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  7. 128 votes
  8. 78 votes
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  9. 104 votes
  10. Custom SVG upload

    Allow users to upload their own SVG.

    73 votes
  11. Dedicated mobile viewer

    Users visiting from mobile devices should get a touch optimized UI

    33 votes
  12. 15 votes
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  14. 15 votes
  15. 7 votes
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  17. Send to my Kindle

    Moqups probably looks fantastic on e-paper!

    2 votes
  18. Desaturate images

    Useful for making your pictures black and white

    3 votes
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  19. Duplicate pages with sub-page groups.

    Please add a new function to duplicate pages with sub-page groups.

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