1. updating links in the grouped items doesn't work

    I am using new Moqups,
    I grouped several items (each has its own link)
    but I update the link of one of the grouped items, it doesn't take any effect

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  2. grid

    I will like to change the opacity of grid, because I can't see the grid in my display. It's very transparent.

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  3. re-instate social media icons

    The social media icons were removed from Moqups beta -- I was using them and would love to have them back!

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  4. Expose API to Enable Basis of a Content Management System

    Create and expose an API so I can power my website using the content of a Moqups project. Because the UI of Moqups is so much more stellar that most CMS installations.

    Is there a way I can currently achieve this via document sharing in Moqups somehow?

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  5. Export the mockups to animated GIF

    It would be great to have a possibility to export the mockups to animated GIF to maintain animations of imported GIF images.

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  6. Allow users to control interactive animation by layer

    Layers could be useful to allow interactions inside the same page, but we also need animation, as we are already using it as an interaction design tool to communicate better some interactions to users. Slide-in/out from borders, scale up/down, modify height/width, move and fade are pretty used today and are needed to be considered as tools from scratch.
    Having some control about how layers appear inside of the same screen will give us a lot more options to make good decisions when prototyping.
    We already emulate some of these techniques when doing paper prototyping and it's nuts that this animation…

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  7. to not lose the project after sign-in

    I visited Moqups for the first time and created a mockup without logging in. It took some time and was happy about the result. I wanted to save my creation, so I decided to export it. But everything was lost as soon as I logged in with my Google account. Everything gone...

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  8. Do not leave trailing spaces in the pages as its difficult to work and the preview is affected in Beta

    In version one I cannot move page vertically which was convenient to work but in Beta version the page has more empty spaces in right and left so it feels uneasy to work. and the preview is also difficult.

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  9. Move signup flow via google auth to a new window/tab

    When signing up and choosing Google for authentication services, the flow remains in the current tab, which results in any work (yes, it's trial, so it "shouldn't" matter, but we know how often people do things like start going full tilt and then realize they have no way to save yet) being lost from the browser fully navigating away from the page for the Google authorization for authentication and services process.

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  10. Idea

    What about managing images in a better way:
    - group delete
    - folders
    - PNG recoloring

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  11. This popup is pretty annoying for existing users. There is no easy way around it.

    The popup that appears when you first land on the homepage asking you to choose between Quick Tutorial or Try it Now! is pretty annoying for existing customers.

    Being in the industry I am constantly clearing browser cache. I see this window everytime I visit the site and there is no easy way around it to log in.

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  12. Add side margins to Beta Moqups

    Add ability to create margins on both left and right side of the screen.

    Meaning that if I specify 40px side margins then the grid will start 40px from the left and end 40px from the right.

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  13. Ipad PayPal payment

    Hi! Can not pay for premium via PayPal on iPad Air iOS 8 -- the green payment button is not clickable!

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  14. Add an option to corp pictures

    Simple and basic tool, it can save you a lot of time.

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  15. Start with focus on pasted items instead of having to click it first

    When copying item(s) from one page and pasting in another, immediately place focus on the pasted item(s) instead of having to click it first. In this scenario a person is almost always going to either click and drag the pasted item or use shift/arrows...if the latter, and happen to hit up or down and jump a few pages before realizing the item needs clicked first. Thanks!

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  16. Login

    es necesario, y ahorraria tiempo.

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  17. Actually reply to feedback

    I really liked your tool, did find some bugs, but I thought oh what the hell. I will just purchase it and hope that you guys have good support that will actually take feedback from customers seriously.

    And so I started to actually keep track of the bugs I saw in your Moqups. I decided to accumulate them and send them in one larger email to you. I did this over a month ago, and I never even received a reply acknowledging the feedback. Plus I saw you released a new version, that still has the same UI errors.


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  18. Add option to share as embed

    This is probably hard to do, but since the idea came to me I think it might be worth sharing it.

    We could use an ability to embed a moqup as html in a report for clients or on a blog.

    I have no idea how hard it would be to implement this with oembed, but it would be nice.

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  19. Can re-size a copy-pasted selection

    I love that I can select an area and copy the entire design (include all stencils), but after I have pasted it to another page, I would really like to re-size it. (Copying from a iPad template and wanting to shrink it to fit iPhone).

    thanks for the great tool !!

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  20. Collaborators with View-only rights should be able to leave comments

    Users should not have to have edit rights to leave comments; should be able to add users to allow for comments without giving them edit rights.

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