1. Please remove unclosable popup when visiting site

    When I visit , all I want to do is log in as an already subscribed customer but I am confronted with an unclosable popup with the options, tutorial, try it now.

    Why do I need to waste time clicking one of these? Why can't I just login? Annoying.

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  2. Add a tool to manage header and footer.

    Add a tool to manage header and footer. In fact the areas are always the same in a website and if you have to proceed a modifiation in it, you have to copy/past the new header/footer on each page... It is very long and not convinent.
    Just create a header/footer box which updates automatically when you proceed a modification on it.

    Congratulation ! great tool !

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    Hi guys,

    Here’s how this stands currently on the new Moqups Beta (available at ):

    - you can use Master pages to define common areas like header and footer, and any change to the master page will reflect on all the pages it’s applied to
    - you can use the new Templates feature to save your header and footer as templates — that way it’s easy to drag them to each page from the Templates pane.

    I’m marking this as Planned since we’re looking to introduce Symbols, which are a bit like Masters and a bit like Templates: they’re reusable objects in your design that when you update something in an instance, the change reflects to all other instances.

    Dan from Moqups

  3. Import from any structured file

    we need automatically build moqups from db schema. We can easily build xml, json or any data format with our entities.
    For example varchar => textbox, relation => combox, boolean => checkbox, after automatic building, with manual operations can be easily completed

    Is it possible

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  4. Position of canvas for V2 Beta

    Really diggin' the V2 beta guys!

    One small thing. I'm on a Mac and I do not like to use the smart mouse. I have a standard mouse with an up/down scroll wheel. I cannot scroll horizontally.

    On load my canvas is positioned to the right of my screen and I can't reposition the canvas to be centred on my screen without zooming out then in. Can you please make the canvas load in the centre of the screen?

    Additionally, the ability to hold down the spacebar key (which changes the mouse cursor to a grab icon) and clicking with…

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  6. Enable line breaks

    Line breaks within table cells are something I find I need in my moqups quite frequently

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  7. Pricing

    You should put $99/year instead of $99 on the pricing page. I know it is stated below it's yearly but when I first saw $99 I assumed a month and was turned off. $9/month is not bad, I might pay when I need it later.

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  8. Use custom fonts

    Hi There.
    Since I'm working in Hebrew and this is the best tool I came acroos, I would be really happy to be able to upload my own fonts since this is a very useful tool....

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  9. Possibility to have a Navigation box with Dropdowns!

    I would love to have a Navigationbox with Dropdownpossibility for example Admintemplates!

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  10. Add the possibility to spin shapes

    Add the possibility to spin shapes

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  11. Export screenflow

    It would be awesome to be able to export the relationships between screens as a single image file containing every screen linking to each other.

    A single PNG image is good already, although a SVG option would be better.

    This is the only feature I find in competitors that make me pay for 2 different mockup services currently.

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  12. Beta: the arrange contextual menu has some bad grammar

    The contextual menu (i.e., right-click) has different and wrong grammar for the "backward" item. In the App menu it properly says "Send backward" but in the contextual menu it says "Bring backward".

    Has a grammar, um, enthusiast (fascist) it makes me flinch every time I see it.


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  13. Stencil text (& anchor point) should have centered & righ-aligned options too

    Example: I create a form with right-aligned Labels and corresponding left-aligned text fields/combo boxes etc. per row, and multiple such rows. Now if I go to and (say) shorten the text of any label, I have re-position it.

    Wouldn't be an issue if the anchor point of the (in this case) Label stencil could be set to be left, center or right.

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  14. Custom Grid System

    The 960 grid is good but I rarely do iPad landscape wireframes. It'd be nice if you could set custom grids based on your canvas width similar to this plugin for Photoshop

    Build this and I'll sign up.

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  15. lock button

    should change the tooltip to unlock when needed

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  16. Print area definition

    Your printing functionality is very simple, a little too simple as it requires me to fiddle around with pixel definitions of what I want to show.

    - let me define individual print areas
    - anything captured within a tablet/iphone stencil and anything directly touching this get's its own A4 page
    - let us choose the size of printable area by allowing us to choose predefined sizes: A2, A3, A4, letter, plotter (all those standard things).

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  18. Cannot resize the text Paragraph area after pasting text. Working on osx yosemite - firefox...

    Cannot resize the text Paragraph area after pasting text.
    Working on osx yosemite - firefox...

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  19. Beta Version sujjestions

    The new beta version you released has some great new features but I would suggest the following:

    1. Do not add another vertical bar on the left hand side to switch between stencils, images etc. That leave smaller space for the canvas area and on some smaller displays it will be an inconvenience. Instead, keep that bar horizontal as you had before with only 3 tabs - Stencils, Pages and Images. No need to separate pages and stencils into two different tab. Also you can put images and icons under the same tab. The notes should move to the top…

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  20. Quote stencil

    Having a stencil that can help me visualize a quote.

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