How can we improve Moqups for JIRA ?

Moqups template in Confluence

Allow a 'Moqup' Document to be created in a Confuence space

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Gordon shared this idea  · 


  • Aleko commented  · 

    Agreed. Integration with Confluence is what we really need. Jira integration does not work for us since all documentation that references design mockups are located in Confluence. Dear Moqups developers, do you have any time frame or at least rough estimate on when to expect to have a Confluence integration? It would be much appreciated!

  • jasmine.wilkinson commented  · 

    This would be more useful than in Jira - by the time work becomes a ticket, wireframes are generally no longer in progress.

    Confluence is where projects are scoped and developed - at the moment product managers have to paste in screenshots and they are out of date 5 seconds later!

    Please make sure the Confluence plugin is responsive and allows the Moqups embed to scale to the size of the viewport :-)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree it's pretty pointless integrating with Jira diagrams are best of in the project planning and documentation - at the moment we can't use this!

  • Gordon commented  · 

    Even a moqup macro could potentially do the trick

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