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    If this worked the same way Apple Keynote's clipping/crop works on images, it would save me a ton of time. I frequently upload screenshots of our existing UI, then modify it to convey some new feature to stakeholders.

    It would be nice if I could drop an image onto the wireframe, change the clipping so certain parts are hidden, and then do the same thing again with the same image (but with different areas of the image visible).

    For example, imagine uploading a screenshot of a web form:
    1. Drop the image onto the wireframe.
    2. Clip off the "submit" button at the bottom.
    3. Add more fields to the form
    4. Add another instance of the image from step 1.
    5. Clip everything *except* the submit button out of this new image.
    6. Move the submit button below the new form fields.

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    We’re happy to let you know that the new Moqups 2 beta ( ) includes the ability to save your stencils as reusable templates. Just right click any stencil or group of stencils and then click “Save as template…”

    From there you can always find your saved stencil templates in the dedicated Templates tab on the left sidebar.

    We’d love to hear your feedback!

    — the Moqups team

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    Maybe I'm alone, but I sort of like that Moqups _does not_ have this feature. So many other mockup tools out there try to be more than a mockup tool. Doing so is distracting, because you find yourself trying to make it "pretty" instead of simply trying to get your idea across. Leaving these assets avoids this, but also tells people "hey, it's just for demonstration purposes, forget about the polish" by not having fancy design assets.

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