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    Rotation is finally here! This was a tough one and it required us to rewrite and rethink significant parts of the code (well, all the code).

    You can now rotate pretty much everything, single or multiple objects. To rotate the objects, use the dedicated circle shaped handle on top of each selected object or enter the rotation angle manually in the Size & Position tab on the right sidebar.

    We’d love to hear your feedback and questions!

    The rotation feature is available in the new Moqups 2 Beta available here:

    — the Moqups team

    nico commented  · 

    Definitely need a rotate feature. I'm actually shocked it's not already implemented. Someone said they couldn't imagine why someone would want to rotate a shape? Well, how about rotated triangles at 90 degrees for navigation of banners, accordions, quote rotators, etc... Trying to make a quick mockup and I'm finding that I could have done it in Photoshop much faster since I cannot rotate shapes. Just a bit frustrating. Also, it doesn't matter that CSS box model doesn't support it when you're using icon fonts for the shapes.

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